Organic farming model for science project | Organic farming vs Conventional chemical farming model


Hi Friends,
In this video, you will be learning how to build an organic farming vs conventional farming model for high school project and exhibition purposes. We will also come to know what organic farming is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming. We will also compare organic with conventional farming. It will be total fun and improve your GK and environmental awareness.
I have used thermocol, chart paper, kinetic sand and some toy models in this project.


Items needed:
Chart paper (Sky blue, green, black),
Kinetic sand (or) normal beach sand,
Thermocol small pieces (for fertilizer bags),
Pebbles and toys if needed,
Glue and scissors.

This video is suitable for all age groups and will increase environmental awareness.

Topics covered in this video:

1. How to build an organic farming and conventional farming model?

2. How to make a house out of paper?

3. How to draw a banana tree and make one using paper?

4. How to draw a simple tree?
and many more………


All contents here are child friendly too. There are loads of information to learn and play in this channel.

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