Opportunities In Urban Catfish Farming


Part 2 of our conversation with Mr. Boniface discusses the convenience of operating a catfish farm from your home as a full-time venture or side business.

We also explore opportunities in the Urban Catfish Farming space for entrepreneurs who may not have the capital to invest in a catfish farm but can add value at specific parts of the value chain and monetize it.

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0:30 – intro
0:30 – why Urban Catfish Farming?
1:40 – Space needed to operate a successful catfish farm at home
2:52 – Challenges with operating a catfish farm
4:40 – Benefits of purchasing older catfish for beginners
5:30 – Other opportunities within the catfish value chain for people who can’t afford a farm
7:00 – Summary
8:00 – FLODAVIK contact information
9:35 – Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


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