Occupy Climate Change: Launch of the Atlas of the Other World 15 march 2022


The Occupy Climate Change! research project has since its start in 2018 addressed and focused on practices and experiments of grassroots organizations and initiatives globally, investigating their diverse, dynamic, and self-organized responses to loss and damage caused by climate change. Join us when OCC! team presents their findings from case studies from New York, Malmö, Rio de Janeiro, Naples, and Istanbul and their launch of the “Atlas of the Other World”.

The “Atlas of the Other World” is collecting urban grassroots initiatives and city initiatives that are tackling climate change across the globe and collecting people’s creative stories of futures they imagine! Join us to hear about our research findings and how to contribute to the growing OCC! Atlas and the global OCC! network.

02:16 Introduction to Formas and the National Research Programme on Climate with Anna Kaijser
12:15 Introduction to the OCC! Project with Marco Armiero
23:50 Navigating the platform with Anja M. Rieser
32:00 Natasha Barbosa and Leticia Silva experience with OCC! as students
44:37 Break ( and display of Marco’s presentation slides)
53:55 Research and publications about the OCC! city case studies Roberta Biasillo
01:03:40 Case study New York with Ashley Dawson
01:21:25 Case study Rio de Janeiro with Lise Sedrez
01:33:18 Case study Naples with Maria Federica Palestino, and Gilda Berruti
01:44:39 Case study Istanbul with Ethemcan Turhan
01:56:11 Ayşem Mert on global vs. grassroots influences on urban climate adaption
02:06:36 Case study Malmö with Salvatore Paolo De Rosa,
02:23:38 Davide Dioguardi, an activist’s experience with OCC!
02:30:22 Occupy Goes Global Winter School, with Robert Gioielli, Kate Hoin, Bruno Prado
02:39:45 Occupy goes global, grassroots initiatives Grace López
02:45:06 Occupy goes global, creative entry experience by Mark Sumphi
02:49:54 Concluding remarks and Q&A


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