NSCC Webinar – Preparing Singapore for Climate Change (3 Nov 2021)


Our earth’s climate is changing. Heat waves are likely to be more frequent and longer-lasting, extreme rainfall will become more intense and frequent, and the global sea level will rise. It is projected that Singapore is likely to become warmer, experience more frequent and heavier storms, and face rising sea levels.

Join us in this webinar to find out how high performance computing (HPC) enabled research, technologies and innovations could help prepare Singapore for climate change and preserve our environment for future generations.


Supercomputing for Climate-informed Urban Planning
by Dr Heiko Aydt, Lead Investigator of Digital Urban Climate Twin R&D at Cooling Singapore, Singapore-ETH Centre

Singapore is facing an urban heat challenge caused by a combination of global climate change and the urban heat island effect. A Digital Urban Climate Twin can be used to simulate the impact of heat mitigation measures before they are implemented. This talk will outline how our Simulation-as-a-Service approach helps to bridge the gap between supercomputing and climate-informed urban planning.

Sea-Level Rise Emergency
by Prof Benjamin Horton, Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore

Future sea-level rise generates hazards for coastal populations, economies, infrastructure, and ecosystems around the world. Its projection relies on an accurate understanding of the mechanisms driving its complex evolution. This talk will summarize the understanding of the future evolution of sea level over the near (through 2050), medium (2100), and long (post-2100) terms with the new IPCC AR6 projections.


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