Next Generation SOLAR ELECTRIC FENCING System | Low Cost & Most Effective Agriculture Fencing System


Security has become a crucial subject in today’s time and ensuring the safety of one’s property, crops, colonies, factories, etc. has become everyone’s primary concern. Solar fencing is a modernized and unconventional method that is one of the best options for providing security as it is both effective as well as efficient. Not only does solar fencing guarantee the safety of one’s property, but it also uses renewable solar energy for its functioning. A solar fence works like an electric fence which delivers a brief yet fierce shock when human beings or animals come in contact with the fence. The shock enables a deterrent effect while ensuring that no loss of life is caused.

The working of a solar fencing system starts when the solar module generates direct current (DC) from sunlight which is used to charge the system’s battery. Depending on sunlight hours and capacity, the system’s battery can generally last for as long as 24 hours in a day.

The output of the charged battery reaches the controller or fencer or charger or energizer. When powered, the energizer produces a brief yet sharp voltage. The primary function of the energizer is to produce pulses of nearly 8000 volts that are sharp and short-lived. These pulses are passed through the wires of the fencing system at a rate of around 1 pulse every 1-1.5 seconds with every pulse lasting for nearly 3 ms, thus ensuring that no physical harm is caused to the intruder who attempts to come in contact with the solar fence.

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Next Generation SOLAR ELECTRIC FENCING System | Low Cost & Most Effective Agriculture Fencing System

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