New 2024 new Porsche Cayenne Development


The Cayenne, Porsche’s newest model, is being meticulously prepared for release.

Prototypes and pre-production models are going through rigorous endurance tests to make sure they meet Porsche’s exacting standards.

Porsche has been continuously enhancing the third generation Cayenne since its debut in 2017 with upgrades to its drivetrain, external styling, interior features, and connection.

The most thorough product upgrades in Porsche’s history, as according Porsche series manager Michael SchΓ€tzle.

The Cayenne’s chassis system has undergone substantial changes by the experts at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach in order to balance performance, comfort, and off-road capabilities.

One of the new features in the Cayenne is a semi-active chassis and an advanced digital display and operating system with enhanced connectivity functions. The new high-resolution LED headlights with HD matrix beam offer improved visibility and safety.

To perfect these new technologies, a comprehensive testing program was conducted, including virtual simulations and real-life tests. Ralf Bosch, the test manager, says, “We’re testing the new Cayenne as if we were starting from scratch.” The endurance tests simulate the vehicle’s life under extreme conditions, such as traveling over 200,000 km in urban, country, and motorway traffic, and in different climate zones around the world.

Dirk Lersch, who leads the prototype testing team, says, “Even though our customers may not put the Cayenne through the same demanding off-road tests or high-speed drives on ice tracks that we do, they should know that their Porsche can handle tough conditions on any surface.” With over four million test kilometers completed, the new Cayenne is ready to hit the road.

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