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Title: NDN Live: #NenoocaasiCamp and allies caravan to confront #Minneapolis #MN city council meeting during #WeekofAction to #DefendTheDepot

A caravan of vehicles filled with East Philips residents, members of American Indian Movement and Little Earth Protectors, and allies traveled from Little Earth to the Minneapolis City Council meeting held at City Hall, Room 317. The caravan will confront the city council with their list of demands shared previously during the launch of their encampment at the Roof Depot site:

Total relocation of the Hiawatha Expansion Project
Hand over control of Roof Depot site to the community
Plans to remove the Bituminous Roadways and Smith Foundry
Enact a moratorium on encampment evictions
Provide funding for peer support workers
Invest in pilot programs to provide shelter and services to the homeless community like the former navigation center
Provide funding for the community’s vision for an indoor urban farm at the Roof Depot site

Nenoocaassi Camp

Website: https://www.defendthedepot.com

Contribute to the Camp on Venmo: @Nenoocaassi-Camp

How to Support: https://www.defendthedepot.com/how-to-help

fb: @Defend-Protect-Heal Roof Depot

tw: @DefendTheDepot

ig: @defendthedepot

East Phillips Neighborhood Institute

Contribute to EPNI’s lawsuit fund: https://bit.ly/EPNIFundraiser

fb: @eastphillipsneighborhoodinstitute

tw: @epni_urbanfarm

ig: @eastphillipsurbanfarm


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