Mysterious Underground Cities, Chambers, Tunnels, and Artefacts… Ancient History Resurfaced


@ancientsecretdiscoveries Dive deep into the mysteries of the Ancient Underground Cities, Chambers, Tunnels, and artefacts found all over the world, in this 3-hour special compilation of archaeological findings in recent years – from the lost city of Shin-Au-Av ( Serpent Gods of Death Valley) to Vlasovska Labyrinth in Russia.
• Mysterious oldest-known church in Russia
• The Strange Underground Complex Of The Kukulkan Temple
• 2000-Year-Old Hidden Underground Chamber found in Rome
• The Mysterious Tunnels of Buenos Aires
• World’s Largest Underground City in Turkey
• Walled Up Caverns in the Grand Canyon
• Ancient Artifacts Underneath The Swiss Glaciers
• The Secret Templar Tunnels of Poland
• The Lemurian Connection at Mount Shasta
• Mysteries of the Vlasovka Labyrinth
• Magnificent Palace Unearthed in Jerusalem
• The Mysterious Ground Dwellers

This video features a number of promotional trailers from Gaia’s Original Series and GaiaSphere EVENTS+ – look in the comment section for more from @GaiaVideo and their enormous library of non-mainstream media!

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