MycoSymbiotics' Urban Farming Virtual Masterclass 5/17/23 6-8:30 PM EST


Are you ready to take your urban farming skills to the next level? Join William Padilla-Brown in our upcoming virtual masterclass Introduction to Urban Agriculture: Pathways to Food Sovereignty

In 2.5 hour masterclass we will cover:

Small Scale Composting Techniques
Micro herding Invertebrates (working with the bugs)
Seed Starting and Plant Propagation (cloning plants and starting seeds)
Superfoods (more nutrient dense foods)
Understanding microclimates and agricultural zones
Mushroom General Coffee Cultivation to incorporate mushrooms in an urban agricultural system
Working with your community to establish crop diversity
Live Q&A with Will
William Padilla-Brown is a Multidisciplinary Citizen Scientist practicing social science, mycology, phycology, molecular biology, and additive manufacturing. William founded MycoSymbiotics in 2015, and has since developed it into the innovative practical applied biological science business it is today. William holds permaculture design certificates acquired through Susquehanna Permaculture and NGOZI, and a certificate from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in algal culturing techniques. He has published the first English-language books on cultivating the cordyceps mushroom and regularly leads courses on their cultivation. William’s research has been sponsored by several organizations and his work has been featured in multiple publications, including Fantastic Fungi and VICE. He also founded and manages MycoFest, an annual mushroom and arts festival, now on its ninth year!

More about the Masterclass

You’ll learn how to cultivate fresh, healthy food in your own backyard, balcony or community garden, and gain valuable insights into the benefits of growing your own produce.You’ll discover the power of small-scale composting techniques, which are essential for creating nutrient-rich soil that supports healthy plant growth.

You’ll also learn about micro hoarding invertebrates, which play a crucial role in maintaining healthy soil and ecosystem balance. With William’s guidance, you’ll learn how to work with these tiny creatures to create a thriving urban farm. And if you’re interested in growing your own superfoods, William will be sharing his insights into a range of nutrient-dense crops that are easy to grow in an urban environment.

In addition to these topics, William will cover mushroom cultivation and general coffee cultivation, which are essential components of any sustainable urban agricultural system. You’ll learn how to incorporate these fascinating organisms into your garden or community farm, and discover the many benefits they offer. And with a focus on community engagement, you’ll learn how to work collaboratively with your neighbors to create a thriving, sustainable urban farm.

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