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Mushroom farming can be a profitable business, but many farmers struggle with finding the right market or effective marketing strategies. Fortunately, BM Mushroom has come up with an innovative solution that can help mushroom entrepreneurs overcome these challenges and take their business to the next level.

Introducing the Mushroom Buy Back Program, a unique initiative that provides farmers with an opportunity for contract farming, assured marketing, lead help, and buy back facility of the mushrooms they produce. We offer a wide variety of mushrooms to choose from, including oyster, shiitake, lions mane, button, milky mushrooms, and more. With our guidance and support, you can start your profitable mushroom farming journey today.

The program is designed to help farmers from start to finish, with the assurance of marketing and buy back of their produce. We help you with farm design, setup, and provide technical assistance throughout the process. Once you are ready to harvest, we buy back your mushrooms at a competitive price.

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply contact us via our website or give us a call on +917363970073. We will guide you through the process and help you start your journey towards successful mushroom farming.

Don’t miss out on this chance to turn your mushroom farming dreams into reality. Join the Mushroom Buy Back Program and take your business to new heights today!

To join the Mushroom Farming Training program & buy mushroom Spawn,

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What you will learn in mushroom training course:

1. Complete understanding about fungi
2 Step by step mushroom cultivation from basic to expert level
3. Low cost mushroom farming
4. Large commercial scale mushroom farming
5. How to grow mushrooms at home
6. How to make mushroom spawn
7. How to store mushroom spawn
8. How to construct mushroom farm
9. How to maintain mushroom farm climate
10. Mushroom farm cost
11. Mushroom cultivation cost
12. Profit in mushroom farming
13. Mushroom outdoor & indoor farming
14. Mushrooms mushroom cultivation method
15. Substrate pasteurization & sterilization methods
16. Farm Incubation stage management
17. Farm fruiting stage method.
18. Laminar air flow design & use
19. Glove box step step DIIY construction
20. Home utensil use for sterilization
21. Organic mushroom cultivation
22. Chemical methods & their user in mushroom cultivation
23. Use of Light in mushroom cultivation
24. Role of humidity in mushroom farming
25. Temperature control methods in mushroom farm
26. PH balance & role in mushroom cultivation
27. Mushroom post harvest management
28. Packaging methods of mushrooms
29. Mushroom Shelf life & how to increase it
30. Hoe to get more yield in mushroom farming
31. How get quality flushing in mushroom
32. How to grow mushrooms with less cost & more profit
33. Mushroom products
34. Mushroom pickle making
35. Brine & canning methods of mushroom
36. How to dry mushroom correctly
37. How to store mushrooms
38. Mushroom powder & soups
39. Mushroom tincture making
40. Mushroom products like biscuit, noodle, protein bars, cake, sweet etc
41.Green mold problem in mushroom bags
42.Fly pest larva disease in mushroom cultivation
43. Black mold problem in mushroom
44. Making ready to grow mushroom fruiting bags
45. Mushroom farm internal design
46. Mushroom substrate & supplement, nitrogen source
47. Mushroom post harvest disposal & reuse
48. Mushroom mycelium journey & propagation
49. List of hardwood tree to be used for mushroom cultivation
50. Alternatives of sawdust in mushroom cultivation
51. Common mistakes to be avoided in mushroom farming
52. Fantastic fungi medicinal mushroom documentary
53. Mushroom farmers & their farm visits
54. Practical farm & mushroom growing
55. Mushroom growing kit
56. Mushroom marketing A to Z
57. Mushroom grow eBooks
58. Premium eBooks on agriculture
59. Digital marketing
60.B2C marketing guide
61. Social media marketing guide
62. Setting up own ecommerce
63. Daily mushroom buyers leads
64. Where to sell mushrooms
65. How to sell mushrooms
66. What is mushrooms price retail & wholesale
67. Mushroom cultivation break even point calculation
68. Mushroom farming consultancy
69. Mushroom live classes
and Much More. Call on the helpline no now.


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