Munda Make Over Series 1-Ep 10: Maize, Beef, Legumes and Record Keeping


Welcome to Munda Make Over.

Farming must be a very safe business I mean, everybody needs to eat? But just like any business there are risks, the weather the change in demand at market can make it just as risky as any other business. A farmer should be able to plan for it.

Today we’ll visit a farm where we will explore how the risks of agribusiness can be met head on.

Today we are in Kalola 2-Chibombo in Central Province and we’re visiting our Farmer Morten Himakamba, we want to find out how dealing with the risks of being a farmer have impacted his work.

Morten grows crops and also rears some cattle for beef production

Let’s learn a thing or two:

1. Crop variety can help farmers adapt to climate change.
2. How to expand markets for your produce.
3. How legume farmers are being helped in finding markets.
4. We shed light on the management of risk


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