Mud Crab Fattening – 1st Model Farm in the Philippines – Highlands Crab Ep 01


In this episode, you will learn about Mud Crab Fattening. Featuring the best and 1st Model Vertical Farm for Mud Crab Fattening in the Philippines, Highlands Crab is located at Alfonso Tagaytay.
Owned by the Dumael Family, up to date this facility is the best set-up in the Philippines that offers training and certification. They also serve seafood dishes in the comfort of their beautiful home, by reservations to enjoy the fresh crabs from their crab-fattening farm. They also have their own in-house stay-in chef, Chef Enzo offers a variety of seafood dishes and his specialty baby back ribs.

Camera Man, Directed, Produced
and presented by: Jessie “Tito Jay’ Dimapillis
Charles Angelo Apao – Video Editor

Special Thanks
Highlands Crab
Mr. & Mrs. Melinda Dumael and Family
Carlo Dumael
Chef Enzo

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