Most PROFITABLE Crops Small Farms Should Grow & Sell..


Most PROFITABLE Crops Small Farms Should Grow & Sell..

Welcome back to Down On The Farm, today on this channel we are going to talk about “ Best Cash Crops for Small Farms” On a given day in the life of a farmer, there are multiple aspects and areas that demand attention, including soil health, crops, market, labour, climate, farming methods and technologies being used. Each factor plays a role in ensuring success and profitability in a farm business. However, when it comes to small scale producers, it is of paramount importance to mindfully identify and choose crops that are capable of bringing relatively more profit even with minimal capital investment and care. These crops are basically called cash crops as they ensure maximum profit and return even on a small farm and are mainly grown for revenue and export rather than sustenance.

Small farmers can ensure the highest price for their produce by selling it directly to customers or making value-added products out of it. However, taking care of all marketing and sales on your own also means more hard work and time. After a certain scale, it becomes difficult to sell all your harvests for maximum price in the time that is available to you alongside production. As your farm expands, you may need to consider selling, at least some parts of your produce, to wholesalers for a lower price to get your produce selling faster and with ease.Check this video out and stay updated!

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