Modular farm project to provide year-round produce at Saskatchewan grocery store


The lack of a steady supply of produce has prompted an eastern Saskatchewan Co-op to take matters into its own hands. The board of directors with Legacy Co-op has approved a modular farm project to be operated in Yorkton.

General manager Bruce Thurston said through the project, safe and healthy leafy greens will be grown at their own location. “Given the volatility in price and supply of leafy greens right now, it was a great time to invest in this type of operation,” Thurston said.

Legacy Co-op will add a 10-foot-by-40-foot insulated, prefabricated modular growing system behind the Yorkton Food Store. “The container is currently in the building stages and will arrive for placement in the spring, and the first crop will take six to eight weeks from grow until the harvest,” Thurston said.

The prototype grow unit is being constructed by “Growcers Modular Food Solutions” in Winkler, Man.

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