Modern way of Betel Leaf Cultivation | Vertical Column Paan Leaf Farming | Earn 10 lakhs per acre


Generally, you may have seen BETEL LEAF CULTIVATION (bete leaf plantation) in a traditional method. But now we’ll show a video on, Modern way of Betel Leaf Farming Business plan.

– What are the benefits of growing betel leaf vertically?
The main benefit is long-term cultivation.
One can earn monthly up to Rupees 25000 in small space of land, consider 4 to 5 cents land.
Easy maintenance.
Harvesting starts soon after 6 months, normally within 1 year, later it’s a continuing source of earning.

0:00 intro
0:04 modern way of paan leaf farming
0:25 vertical column method of betel leaf farming
0:47 What are the benefits of growing betel leaf vertically?
1:07 Betel leaf
1:33 Betel leaf as a cash crop
1:54 Commercial varieties of Betel leaf
2:11 Climate requirements
2:21 Soil requirement and preparation
2:44 Betel leaf plant care
3:02 Manures and fertilizers of Betel leaf crop
3:18 How do you farm betel leaves?
3:37 Building rectangular structures and supports in betel leaf farming
4:33 Is betel leaf farming profitable?
5:07 Investments in Betel leaf farming

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