Microgreens Only Take 10 Days To Go THIS to THIS


“How To Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch” (For Complete Beginners)

“The 3 Foundations” of Starting A Microgreens Farm
– See what it takes to run a successful business out of your spare bedroom, kitchen or garage. (It’s simpler than you think!)

The 15 Pieces of Equipment You Need To Get Started
– Everyone over-spends in the beginning. I’ll show you what to get and what to skip.

How To Grow The 4 Most Profitable Varieties
– Believe it or not, these crops only take 10 days to go from seed to sale.

How To Get Your 1st Paying Customer
-Once you get that first paycheque, it’s simply a matter of rinse & repeat. On Thursday, May 5, discover the fastest way to get paying customers.

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