MeteoTracker and the Leipzig Citizen Science project for urban microclimate monitoring on MRD TV


MeteoTracker has been selected as the equipment of choice for an important Citizen Science project funded by the Leipzig University.


MeteoTracker, MeteoTracker is a system specifically designed and patented for high-spatial resolution weather measurements on the move.

It consists of:
✔ a very compact, portable and “instant” installation weather station characterized by a very high measurement speed and implementing a patented system for solar radiation error correction;
✔ an App mobile (Android and iOS) for real-time data geo-tagging, visualization and uploading to the cloud;
✔ a web dashboard, with advanced visualization tools (real-time and archive).

A standalone version is also available (no smartphone) for a complete measurement automation (no user interaction required — very well fit for public means of transport, pilot-test ongoing in the Cagliari area – Italy).

Product evolutions include new sensors integration, with special attention to air pollution sensing (PMx, CO2 and others),

The Citizen Science sector is one of the most promising as far as low-cost, agile and diffuse environment parameters collection is concerned and MeteoTracker is very well fit to be the equipment of choice in many publicly funded projects.

Business/industrial applications where MeteoTracker can play an important role are Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Smart City (Urban Heat Island mitigation and thermal comfort monitoring), AgriTech, Fire Fighting, Ski Areas and various scientific sectors related to micro(nano) climate studies.


👉 MeteoTracker dashboard:


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