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About this video: MASSIVE WINTER BROOD & SPECIAL GUEST. | Bee Barn Beekeeping
In today’s video we welcome fellow YouTuber James McNally out of Alberta Canada to the Bug Farmer Apiary. James will take a stab at inspecting a massive Georgian Bee Barn with a Massive brood nest. Bee Barns produce a large winter brood nest, heated Bee Barns produce MASSIVE winter brood nests. This is a look into a heated Bee Barn in January. Just a couple of beekeepers having fun in January.

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About this Channel:
I hope you enjoy beekeeping and this video. If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper or experience backyard beekeeping for yourself have a look at some of the videos on this beekeeping channel as well as videos from beekeeping creators I have listed below. This is my third season as a beekeeper and everything I have learned came from YouTube and mostly from the channels listed below.

Although this beekeeping channel is primarily about beekeeping I am also a quasi pepper who believes in becoming self-sufficient. With that in mind, I have started a garden, planted fruit trees, replaced the hedges in front of my house with blueberry bushes, and have recently built a chicken coop. In short, I will share a lot more than beekeeping on this channel.

A little about me:
I am a person who believes you are never to old to learn something. Be it beekeeping, farming, raising chickens, painting, filming and editing video, making wine, beer, bread, cheese, and other fermentation consumables, play guitar etc… If I see something I want to try I start it immediately. If there is one thing I could choose to pass along to my children this would be it. Never be afraid to try. My wife famously told me once that if you are not willing to be bad at something, you will never be good at it. That means I am bad at quite a few things.

A little about you:
If you are new to beekeeping or are interested in becoming a beekeeper this channel might be for you. In my beekeeping adventures I show everything from my beekeeping successes to my beekeeping failures. I hide nothing and am never afraid to admit to a mistake.

I hope you find my beekeeping videos fun and entertaining as well as get something out of them. I hope I inspire someone to get out and try something new. If you do enjoy my videos, please take a moment to spread the word about this channel and help it, and myself, grow. Have a great day and BEE Happy!

My Mentors:

Vino Farm

Frederick Dunn

Mike Barry


The gear I use:
Primary Camera: Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD
Secondary Camera: Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD
Primary MIC: Sony ECMXYST1M Stereo Microphone
Secondary MIC: Sony ECMXYST1M Stereo Microphone
Tripod: ( GEEKOTO Camera Tripod
Editing Software: Adobe Premier
Graphics Package: Adobe Photoshop
Learning Final Cut Pro

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#beekeeping #flowhive #insects #prepping

A bit about my channel:
This channel is primarily about beekeeping or more specifically beekeeping 101 because I am just a beginning beekeeper and I figured the best way to learn beekeeping and to be a beekeeper was to buy a flow hive, sometimes spelled flowhive or a flow hive 2 which is sometimes known as a flowhive 2 and begin building by backyard apiary so I would have a place to keep bees. Now, backyard beekeeping is not the only thing I do. I consider myself to be urban farming as I also try to grow a sustainable and edible landscape. Backyard farming for me also includes keeping chicken and building other things in my shop that will help all of the birds, bees, insects, and other natural pollinators. I learn how to feed bees and chickens while showing you my day-to-day activities in my apiary, sometimes known as a bee yard. Some people consider me a prepper and yes there is a little truth to that. I do consider this a form of prepping and becoming self sufficient. Thank you for spending time with me learning about tap hives, flow hives, honeybees, and chickens.


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