MARUF21 The future is now: Re-building urban capacity for climate action


Moderator: Osman Balaban, Prof., City and Regional Planning, Middle East Techinal University
Yunus Arıkan, Director of Global Advocacy, ICLEI
Ayşen Erdinçler, Prof., Institute of Environmental Sciences, Boğaziçi University & Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Kevin J. Halpenny, Chair of Europe Committee, World Urban Parks & Senior Parks Superintendent, Fingal County Council
Le-Yin Zhang, Prof., Urban Economic Development, University College London

While cities cover only 2% of the world’s land, they are responsible for 75% of natural resource consumption and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. Cities that are the perpetrators of the climate crisis in this aspect are also positioned as victims because they are fragile structures that experience the devastating consequences of climate change in the deepest way. Therefore, cities constitute the starting point in the steps to be taken towards the climate crisis, as well as the starting point of mitigation and adaptation actions; and restructuring in the field of urban planning, energy use, and urban mobility play a vital role in the studies to be carried out in this direction. This critical role of cities makes it clear that the path to solutions to the climate crisis cannot be navigated independently of local actions and thus local governments.

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