March 20, 2023 Bloomington City Council Meeting


March 20, 2023 Bloomington Minnesota City Council Meeting

0:00:00 Start
0:04:39 2.1 Introduction of New Employees
0:09:30 2.2 Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission 2023 Work Plan
0:21:40 2.3 Sustainability Commission 2023 Work Plan
0:41:31 Consent Business
3.1 Richfield Bloomington Watershed Management Organization (RBWMO) Watershed Based Implementation Funding (WBIF) Grant
3.2 Electrical Services – Accept Bid & Award Contract
3.3 Authorization to Replace Unit 0997, A 2004 Lenco G3
3.4 MOU with FBI and the Bloomington Police Bomb Squad for Multi-Jurisdictional Bomb Squad Response
3.5 Resolution for Grant Application, Agreement, & Budget Adjustments: Crime Victim Services 2024
3.6 Porch Variance – 9942 Nesbitt Cir – Admin Variance
0:42:11 3.7 Artistry-Appointed Creative Placemaking Commissioner
3.8 Resolution for Grant Application, Agreement, and Budget Adjustments for State Homeland Security Program Grant
3.9 Resolution Accepting HIDTA Program Grant Funds and Making Related Budget Adjustment
3.10 Resolution – Application and Execution of Grant Agreement with Hennepin County (Lifeguarding Services Grant Program) and Related Budget Adjustments
3.11 Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA) Concessions Agreement at Dred Scott
3.12 Bloomington Central Station Master Sign Plan
3.13 Authorize the Data Sharing Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement with the Minnesota Department of Health
3.14 Approval of Travel Expenses – City Council
3.15 Approval of City Council Meeting Minutes
3:58:49 4.1 Public Hearing: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 1 of the City Code Related to Enforcement of Ordinances and Laws, Chapter 6 of the City Code Related Public Safety, Chapter 7 of the City code Related to Emergency Planning and Operations, and Appendix A of the City Code Related to Administrative Relief and Fee Schedule.
4:03:11 4.2 Public Hearing: Luther Hyundai Expansion – Rezoning, PDP, FDP – 4801 American Blvd. W.
0:44:30 4.3 Public Hearing: City Code Amendment – Single and Two-Family Residential Standards and Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment
4:15:40 5.1 Franchise Fees Discussion
4:27:38 5.2 City Council Policy & Issue Update


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