Managing Trees and Public Spaces for Wildlife


The World Health Organization reports that green spaces in urban areas are essential resources necessary for healthy and sustainable living environments. They allow urban dwellers to connect with nature, which provides measurable physical and psychological benefits. For wildlife, the rate at which natural habitats are being conserved is declining, and there is great potential to provide valuable resources within city and community green spaces. This talk will discuss strategies and ideas for managing trees in public spaces (i.e. parks, recreation spaces, residential areas) for wildlife. Specifically, we will talk about how to promote habitat for birds, bats, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Marne Titchenell is the Extension Wildlife Program Director, with the Ohio State University. She works within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. She provides a variety of educational programs, workshops, conferences, and publications centered on wildlife ecology and biology, habitat management for wildlife, and managing nuisance wildlife species.


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