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Man Sneaks In & Survives A WEEK Inside Area 51: His Story Is UNBELIEVABLE! Area 51 Documentary


Today, we’re covering one of the most unbelievable true stories you’ve NEVER heard of: the Area 51 expedition of Jerry Freeman. This man snuck into Area 51 and survived an ENTIRE WEEK inside, and in this documentary, we’re covering the entire true story. Did Jerry find UFOs, aliens, or extraterrestrials inside? Or something entirely different? In the 90s, Jerry Freeman was retracing the steps of the Lost ’49ers, but their journey took them inside the now top secret base infamous for rumors of aliens and UFO spacecrafts: Area 51. Determined to retrace their steps no matter what obstacles lay in his way, Jerry Freeman began his trek inside the world’s most secure forbidden location – and he actually lived to tell the tale. Join us for a storytime covering the unbelievable true story of Jerry Freeman.


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