Malini Thadani | A Director's Journey | Boardroom to the Classroom | CSR and Sustainability | ISDM


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Malini Thadani, faculty of CSR, sustainability, and ESG at ISDM, discusses her involvement in the development sector. She serves on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations, each focusing on different areas such as watershed restoration, agricultural precision farming, digital education for employment, urban poverty reduction, and education for children of the motion community. Additionally, she is engaged with corporates, serving on the boards of a bank, a mutual fund, and a software company.

Malini emphasizes the value of her diverse experiences and learnings, which she can share with students as they embark on their careers. She praises ISDM for its faculty, comprising professionals from various walks of life, who bring practical, real-life experiences into the classroom, providing students with tangible examples and expertise.

She expresses her enthusiasm for ISDM being the first institution in the country dedicated to developing professionals for the development sector, a long-felt need. Malini highlights the increasing demand for professionals in the corporate world, as organizations show a growing interest in CSR, sustainability, and ESG. Moreover, regulatory requirements have made it essential for companies and not-for-profit organizations to have professionals who can understand, implement, and report on these norms and rules.

Overall, Malini commends ISDM for providing professionals who can meet the sector’s demands, benefitting both corporates and not-for-profit organizations alike.

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