Making Money Urban Farming – Grand Trunk Veggies


Looking for a permaculture business opportunity with lots of potential for growth? Kye has been running Grand Trunk Veggies for years and is finally getting ready to get a larger piece of land in BC. As a result he is selling his business. Listen to Kye as he describes the business he has built over the years to see if tis opportunity suits your skill, interest, and passion!

Links to specific topics in this video:

2:07 Why did you start your businesses?
2:52 How many gardens do you have; how much total area are you farming?
3:25 How long have you been in business? What is the biggest insight you’ve had in business?
4:02 What is the most enjoyable aspect of your business?
4:23 How have your business processes evolved over the years?
5:22 If you were giving advice to someone starting out, what would it be?
5:53 What did you do before starting your business?
6:18 Why did you change your career path?7:15 Was farming as fulfilling as you thought it would be?8:28 I’m looking to mentor someone who wants to continue the business
9:23 Selling Grand Trunk Veggies to someone who wants to continue and build on the vision

Contact info for Kye found on these websites

Grand Trunk Veggies website

Chef’s Farmer website

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