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Making a Prison Burrito


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I hope none of our subscribers ever need this tutorial… Well, at least none of the subscribers who ‘rang the bell’… Well, definitely not any of our Patrons!
“Caught in the Rain” by Aso
“I See” by Cullah


“Sun Rays” by baaskaT
“The One” by Cap Kendricks

Most of the music from the show: http://bit.ly/mrspotify
Post-production powered by Doghouse Systems


This video was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host — https://twitter.com/shwood
Jason Murphy – host — https://instagram.com/captainmurphy
Brandt Hughes – camera operator — https://twitter.com/gatowag – https://instagram.com/gatowag
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer — https://twitter.com/brycas
John Rael – editor / camera operator — https://twitter.com/skepticallypwnd
Annaliese Martin – production assistance – https://twitter.com/amuseliese
Elizma J. (Rev) – first draft captions
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