Making $300k/Month Working 1 Hour A Day with Yong Soo Chung | Ep 302


Yong Soo Chung is an eCommerce and sustainable business expert. Yong Soo left a successful career in cryptocurrency software engineering to found his first 8-figure e-commerce business Urban EDC, a venture with an impressive social media following. He then went on to launch GrowthJet, a Climate Neutral Certified third-party logistics company. Yong Soo is passionate about sharing his experiences with other entrepreneurs so they can start companies that are both profitable and sustainable.

Powerful Moments From The Episode

00:00:00 – M.A.P.S. (Mindset, Audience, Product, Scale)
00:00:41 – Introducing Yong Soo Chung
00:01:30 – Living with Coolio
00:04:16 – How & Why Yong Founded His First Startup, “Urban EDC”
00:16:26 – Raising Capital For Your First Startup
00:19:11 – How Yong Makes $300k/Month Working 1 Hour A Day
00:22:32 – Join the Tribe of Millionaires today!
00:25:03 – Delegating Your Tasks (When & Who)
00:29:43 – Banned from Facebook Ads For Selling Knives
00:33:57 – Yong’s Celebirity Dog & E-Commerce Store (Spotted By Humphrey)
00:39:06 – Building a Company Brand vs. Personal Brand
00:41:43 – How to Grow an Audience on Social Media
00:49:16 – The M.A.P.S. Framework
00:52:49 – Talking GrowthJet (Climate Neutral Certified Logistics Company)
00:55:31 – Climate Neutral Certifications
01:00:35 – Are entrepreneurs born or bred?
01:04:35 – The First Class Founders Podcast

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