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In the first season of “Loadout,” Insider finds out what items members of the armed forces use in training and in the field — from weapons to uniforms, to some things you might not expect.

Army Cavalry Scout (00:28)
Army Sniper (07:03)
Army Culinary Specialist (17:51)
Navy Uniform (30:56)
Army Drill Sergeant (40:19)
Military Working Dog Handler (50:10)
Navy ‘Ditty Bag’ (57:46)

Every Piece Of Gear In A US Army Combat Medic’s Bag | Loadout | Business Insider
Every Uniform In An Army Drill Sergeant’s Bag | Loadout | Business Insider
Every Piece of Gear In An Army Cook’s Mobile Field Kitchen | Loadout | Business Insider


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Loadout Season 1 Marathon | Loadout | Insider Business


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