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Living Hope Farm Jobs in Pennsylvania


Living Hope Farm

Living Hope Farm Jobs in Pennsylvania – Crew Leader, Greenhouse Propagation Manager, Poultry Caretaker/Production Assistant, and Field Interns for the 2021 farm season!

Living Hope Farm (LHF) is a small not-for-profit farm located about 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia on 40 acres of mixed fields, pasture and woodland in Harleysville, PA. Each year, we provide fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and poultry to over 240 families. At LHF we pride ourselves in following organic farming practices, caring for the land around us, educating the next generation of farmers while growing healthy food for the community. We also work with multiple food banks and charities to get nourishment to those who need it the most.

This year, we are accepting multiple applicants with varying levels of experience to help round out our farm crew. Those interested in these farm jobs in Pennsylvania can expect to work full time during the growing season with hourly compensation and the option of renting on-site housing. At LHF, we work in rain, snow, and sunshine to get the job done. Although we are a non-profit, for any farm to be successful, workers must be quick and efficient. Therefore, we are looking for passionate candidates with a strong work-ethic and an interest in growing food that is more sustainable, more nutritious, and tastier than what you can find in the supermarket. Applicants are required to fill in our application for employment, and to submit it along with a cover letter, three work-related references, and a resume.

Living Hope Farm Jobs in Pennsylvania

Crew Leader (April- November)

We are accepting applicants for a crew leader who would be primarily responsible for overseeing the daily tasks undertaken by the field interns. This applicant would communicate closely with the farm manager regarding the jobs to be done and ways that can be achieved, and oversee the interns in the completion of those tasks. LHF is a very diverse CSA and as such, the crew leader would be expected to be able to undertake a wide variety of jobs including but not limited to weeding, harvesting, pruning, planting, irrigating, mowing, trellising, fertilizing, pest control, field clean-up, and more. The applicant will be expected to follow instructions closely, ask questions, and be able to manage a team of 4-5 people in a quick, efficient, and comprehensive manner.


  • Must have 1-2 seasons of experience working at a similar farm
  • Have some previous leadership or management experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to lift 50+ pounds
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Previous experience operating a tractor is a plus, but not necessary.

Greenhouse Propagation Manager (March- September)

At LHF we start a large portion of our produce from seed in our very own dedicated propagation house. The Greenhouse Manager is the primary caretaker of plants from the seeding stage to the time of transplanting. They are also responsible for the production of microgreens for our CSA shares. The Greenhouse Manager would also oversee the production of plants for the plant sale LHF hosts in May. This candidate would communicate frequently with the Farm Manager about details regarding the seeding schedule.
Young plants need frequent attention. As such, it would be preferable that the candidate be willing to live on the farm.



  • Implements weekly seeding schedule
  • Vacuum seeding, hand seeding, thinning, moving flats around to harden off
  • Maintains organization of seed storage area
  • Train any assisting crew members on seeding techniques and standards.
  • Thorough record keeping
  • Monitor germination; pests and diseases; heating, cooling and watering systems.
  • Communicates observations immediately and effectively.
  • Maintain a clean and weed-free work environment.


  • Must have previous greenhouse experience
  • Strong attention to detail, observation, and communication skills
  • Able to lift 50+ lbs

Poultry Caretaker / Production Assistant (Year Round)


At LHF we maintain a large (250) flock of laying hens year-round, broiler chickens which we raise in consecutive batches April through November, and a flock of turkeys each year for Thanksgiving. All of our poultry is raised on pasture and rotated regularly in order to have the healthiest, happiest animals with the smallest negative impact on the landscape. We are accepting applications for an individual who is interested in learning about and caring for our pastured poultry. Daily responsibilities include feeding, watering, egg collection and washing, and shelter rotation. Chores will require attending to poultry at dusk and dawn, so this position is a definite time commitment. The applicant would participate in setting up electric net fencing and butchering of broilers and turkeys. When not performing poultry duties, the applicant will be expected to assist with other farming tasks.

The Poultry Caretaker/ Production Assistant will work closely with the Farm Manager and Crew Leader, but can generally expect to perform their duties independently. Examples of some tasks include seeding cover crops, operating our ride-along transplanter, spraying biologic controls for pests, operating a walk-behind cultivator, and flame-weeding. On-the-job training will be provided for any task the applicant is unfamiliar with.



  • Previous experience working with livestock, especially poultry
  • Be willing to care for livestock and simultaneously assist with vegetable production
  • Lift 50+ lbs
  • Live on site (caring for livestock is a full-time job)
  • Be able to follow instructions carefully, as well as work independently
  • Previous experience operating a tractor with front-end loader
  • Have a valid driver’s license

Field Interns (2 full season [April-November], 2 summer[May-August])

LHF is searching for applicants to complete the field crew for the 2021 season. These individuals will be responsible for many of the tasks related to fruit and vegetable farming, including weeding, harvesting, pruning, planting, irrigating, mowing, trellising, fertilizing, pest control, field clean-up, and more. Part of our mission at LHF is educating budding farmers about the importance and details of organic food production, environmental stewardship, and participation in our local economy. Much of the learning occurs on the job during explanations of tasks and impromptu discussions with the managers and other experienced people. We also allow time for attendance of workshops with other farmers in the region. Although the educational aspect is important, we do emphasize a quick, efficient, and thorough working pace throughout the season. For this reason we are looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, passionate in learning about the food system and small scale agriculture. Applicants can expect to work 40-55 hours per week, depending on the time of year.



  • Be able to lift 50+ lbs
  • Be a good team player
  • Willing to work in all weather conditions
  • Having a valid driver’s license is a plus, but not required.

To Apply for Living Hope Farm Jobs in Pennsylvania

VISIT https://www.livinghopefarm.org/?job=display_item&featuretype=userpage&wrapper=normal&id=50&page_title=Employment


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