Living Car-Free in Vegas & Other Questionable Life Choices | Ray Delahanty | TEDxFremontEastDistrict


Ray Delahanty focuses on cities and transportation with an eye toward sustainable, low-impact living and travel. He shares how his background as a transportation planner and project manager brought him to live a car-free life in Las Vegas. He covers why someone from one of the US’ most famously forward-thinking cities in terms of transportation and land use (Portland Oregon) would move to Vegas and how the “sunk cost” of car ownership leads to unnecessary travel, fuel consumption, and emissions. He shares the challenges, successes, and abject failures of his car-free experience so far and why we must reduce internal combustion engine vehicle travel. Ray is the creator behind CityNerd, a YouTube channel that explores urbanism, transportation, and all the things that make cities unique. Every Wednesday, Ray takes viewers on a guided tour of cities at their best and worst when it comes to walking, biking, transit, livability, and sustainability, with a deadpan approach that describes as, “a hint of non-venomous, non-judgmental snark. It’s your favorite, funny, smart colleague you might Slack with a couple times a week, if you’re in the business.” The channel’s point of view is strongly influenced by Ray’s professional background in urban planning and traffic analysis. Prior to starting CityNerd in 2021, Ray’s career spanned 15 years as a planner and project manager for consulting firms & public agencies in Portland, Oregon, leading planning and design work for a diverse portfolio of projects including bus rapid transit lines, light rail station areas, central city protected bike networks, & congestion pricing studies. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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