[LIVE] 21:00 ARIRANG NEWS (2023-09-25)


▪ Pres. Yoon uses cabinet meeting to discuss results of 48 diplomatic events in 5 days during UN trip

▪ Senior officials of S. Korea, Japan, China hold meetings in Seoul, discuss resumption of leaders’ trilateral summit

▪ Russia’s foreign minister to visit N. Korea in October and possibly discuss Putin’s N. Korea visit

▪ ROK-U.S. joint naval exercise starts Monday amid N. Korean threats

▪ Asian Games: S. Korea wraps up second day second place in medal rankings

▪ S. Korean experts find nothing wrong following first phase of Fukushima water release

▪ Yoon inaugurates new Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy on Monday

▪ Business sentiment for manufacturing industry falls in Q4 amid high energy prices, slow recovery in China

▪ Agricultural food exports to mid-September hover above US$ 6.3 billion

▪ Value of urban agriculture grows in South Korea

▪ Jeju City to introduce large scale energy storage system to stabilize excess supply of energy

▪ 119 Emergency Medical Services enhanced for Chuseok holiday

▪ Nationwide rain until Wednesday… Clear skies for Chuseok


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