Liquefaction for Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment CDRA


This video is the actual demonstration of making the Liquefaction map. This video is not edited for the purpose of awareness and authentic procedure.
The output of this video is subject for evaluation and approval of Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. Changes and correction will follow for final output.
This only serves as reference and guide for beginners.

If no Shapefile Available
1. Go to
2. Go to map view
3. Click Hazard-Seismic (Earthquake)- Liquefaction
4. Find your Location
5. Print Screen
6. Open QGIS
7. Open Your Base Map (see )
for reference making Base Map
8. Georeferenced the screen shot Liquefaction (see )
for reference of georeferencing.
9. Digitized the result.
10. Save the Project.


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