Let's Ask MSS Episode 9: What is heat stress and how it is measured?


With climate change, many countries are seeing rising temperatures. This includes Singapore, where the last 10 years was our warmest decade on record. To provide guidance on minimising the risk of heat stress and heat-related illnesses, we have launched a Heat Stress Advisory service for the public.

Associate Professor Jason Lee from NUS, Meteorologists Avester and Kar Lin will share more in this episode of #LetsAskMSS.

More information available at: https://www.nea.gov.sg/media/news/news/index/new-heat-stress-advisory-launched-to-guide-public-on-minimising-risk-of-heat-related-illnesses

Use the myENV app or visit www.weather.gov.sg to find out more about the heat stress advisory and weather.

Learn more about the Urban Heat Island Effect at: https://youtu.be/X7-CccSbTic



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