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On today’s new podcast we discuss lean startup business development with @seedtoshaker_nc

Starting any new venture often means not worrying about what you don’t know but focusing on the details that you do know, the assets you have, the networks you are already plugged into.
When you catalog the richness of your capabilities you can then address the things you need to go find out with more confidence.

In this super deep dive into the first chapter of the Minimum Agricultural Product program from UFA We look at beginning your business with a single farm offering to a market of people who help you develop a product for them.

Having an audience that feels vested in your company and who has local social influence is a guaranteed way now to start day one selling to crickets.

Grab a notepad and pen as you listen to a one on one consult.If at the end you take this journey with us we would love to hear what post surprised you about your own abilities that you have forgotten.

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