Las Vegas Farm Grows Lettuce in 100 Degree Weather + Urban Farm Tour


John from takes you on a tour of Sin City Farm, an urban farm in Downtown Las Vegas that is growing food for restaurants and the community on a small-scale residential home site.

In this episode, you discover how Roman, the farmer at Sin City farm is growing baby greens to sell at the local downtown farmers market. You will discover how he started gardening, and some of the techniques he uses to grow in the hot 100+ degree weather summers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You will learn how shade cloth is being used to protect the plants from the intense effects from the sun and provide them some needed shade they need to grow in the desert.

You will learn some of the common crops Sin City Farms is growing and how they did this season. You will also hear John’s tips on how Sin City Farm can be improved to grow more, faster and bigger plants.

Finally, John will interview Roman, the farmer and ask him the following questions:
22:32 Interview with Roman Starts
22:40 Is it true you quit your job to start farming in Las Vegas?
23:07 What do you think people in Vegas should grow?
24:15 What is your best green to grow in full sun?
24:44 Have you only been farming for 6 months with no prior experience?
26:48 What is one thing you would like to share with my viewers?
27:49 How did local people accept you at the farmers market?
29:10 When do you harvest to take food to the farmers market?
32:16 What has been your biggest day at the farmers market?
35:10 Any final thoughts you would like to share with my viewers?
36:25 Special Gifts from My Garden for Roman
39:41 How can someone contact you?

After watching this episode, you will learn how one farm is growing food in the hot summer weather in Las Vegas, Nevada and how you can grow in Las Vegas and likely be inspired to start your own urban farm.

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