Lahad Datu Standoff: Who Has Claims Over Sabah – Malaysia Or Sulu? | Insight | Full Episode


It has been 10 years since the Lahad Datu-standoff, where armed militia from Sulu invaded the Malaysian State of Sabah. The month-long confrontation left 71 dead and led to tightened security in Malaysia’s easternmost state.

More recently, individuals representing the Sulu Sultanate attempted to seize assets from Malaysian state-owned company, Petronas, claiming arrears for unpaid dues over the disputed territory.

As the Malaysian government challenged the seizure in court, their Filipino counterparts have said it will not interfere in the affair. The Sulu Sultanate, meanwhile, continue to press their claims over what they see as their ancestral lands. Could tensions lead to a repeat of the violence from 10 years ago?

00:00 Introduction
01:43 How the Sulu militia tried to invade Lahad Datu, Malaysia
07:30 When the Lahad Datu standoff turned deadly
10:53 Victims of Lahad Datu stand-off
14:50 Why Sulu militia tried to seize Sabah
21:24 The Sulu’s thoughts on Lahad Datu
27:05 Aftermath of Lahad Datu standoff
33:16 Philippines president Marcos’ stand on Sabah
36:23 Impact of Lahad Datu standoff, 10 years on

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