Kya Hai Su*** Ka Khatarnaak SACH ?


Sugar is one of the most addictive compounds in this world, which releases dopamine in your head making it 8 times more addictive than cocaine and heroin. Sugar is used worldwide in various industries that produce billions of dollars yearly selling sugary items or pure sugar. Sugar is the main reason why most people suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic diseases like hypertension and sometimes even cancer. Sugar is being used everywhere from sweets, chocolates, cold drinks and even in ketchup which means as we consume more and more packed foods, our daily sugar intake rises up. In a country like India sugar is one of the most lucrative businesses of all time as sugar mill owners make a ton of a profit not by just selling mere sugar but 27 other bi-products of sugar which are in high demand. In India, all of the sugar in circulation are controlled by mill owners, better termed as the sugar mafia which takes control of farmers’ produce at very low rates, refines the sugar and sells it in the market at a very high price. Moreover not just there are several associations that are involved in marketing sugar as a diamond commodity in front of people so that they consume more of it. The sugar mafia is not just limited to the mill owners but also includes hospitals and big pharmaceutical companies which are so powerful that they first sell people sugary items and when they fall sick they come up as rescue agents to protect them by selling medical aid and in the name of help they are making billions of dollars every year.
The sugar industry is dark and this video highlights the dark side of the sugar industry. The video also talks about how the sugar mafia is controlling sugar prices and is responsible for the decline in people’s health. This video talks about the how sugar mafia controls people’s sugar intake and makes them sick. This video is a complete business case study on the sugar industry highlighting some of the bright and a lot of dark sides of the sugar industry not only in India but worldwide. This video also covers some important business and marketing lessons that one can learn from the sugar business case study and implement in their business.
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