Justice in Urban Climate Plans: How and Where Cities Are Integrating Equity and Climate


Cities are increasingly incorporating justice and equity into their climate change strategies. How have city approaches changed over time? In what ways are cities taking new approaches to advancing equity, and where are they falling short? Join the Boston University Initiative on Cities and Institute for Sustainable Energy to learn about the latest research and hear from current and former city officials working to integrate justice and climate action.


— Claudia Diezmartínez, PhD Student, Department of Earth & Environment, Boston University
— Ava Richardson, Sustainability Manager, City of Baltimore
— Michael Armstrong, Partner at City Scale; Former Sustainability Manager, City of Portland (OR)

Moderated by Anne Short Gianotti, Associate Professor of Earth & Environment, Boston University

Check out a Q&A with Claudia Diezmartínez where she discusses the evolution of her work!

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