Justice in Our Way Forward: Climate Aspiration, Adaptations, and Innovations


This panel is sponsored by NRDC Rewrite the Future, introduced by Daniel Hinerfeld (Director of Content Partnerships, NRDC Rewrite the Future), moderated by Sabrina Schmidt Gordon (Producer/Impact Producer, To The End) and featuring panelists Meredith Milton (Creative Director, NRDC Rewrite the Future), Heather McTeer Toney (Executive Director of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Petrochemicals Campaign), Tricia Levesque (Chief of Staff, Decolonizing Wealth Project), and Bryce Cracknell (Producer, Founder & Executive Editor, The Margin).

This conversation highlights the essential role storytellers play in imagining a way forward for humanity that doesn’t perpetuate and uphold the unsustainable extractive systems that got us here in the first place. What solutions and aspirations exist that we can be inspired by and how do we make sure they are fair and equitably introduced?


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