June 26, 2023 Bloomington City Council Meeting


June 26, 2023 Bloomington Minnesota City Council Meeting

0:00:00 Start
0:02:30 Approval of Agenda
0:04:07 2.1 Expo 2027 Update
0:28:11 2.2 2023 Legislative Update
0:49:20 2.3 Public Relations Strategic Plan and Social Media Audit Overview
1:47:25 2.4 External Auditor’s Report on 2022 Annual Financial Report
2:05:25 2.5 State of Homelessness Assessment
3:15:20 Consent Business
3.1 Resolutions Approving 2023 State Legislation
3.2 Resolution Approving 2023 State Legislation (Local Option Sales Tax)
3.3 Resolution for Budget Adjustment and Transfer from the Water and Wastewater Utility Funds to the Fleet Fund for Hydro Excavator Purchase
3.4 Resolution Approving Extension Agreement with Respect to 8012 Old Cedar Project
3.5 Resolution to Award 2023-901 Storm Sewer Maintenance Project
3.6 Resolution to Award 2023-903 Storm CIPP Liner Project
3:16:00 3.7 Resolution to Deny a Privately-Initiated City Code Text Amendment to Allow K-12 Schools as a Conditional Use in the I-2 Limited Industry Zoning District
3.8 Resolution to Approve a Gambling Premises Permit for CLIMB Theatre Inc. at Nine Mile Brewing Company
3.9 Approve On-Sale 3.2% Malt Liquor and On-Sale Wine License Applications – Itton Ramen & Japanese Street Food
3.10 Award Add Alternate for the 2023-102 PMP Street Maintenance Project – Old Cedar Avenue and E 90th Street Signal Removal
3.11 Authorize Purchase of Kenworth T880 Chassis and Vactor 2100I Sewer Cleaner body for replacement of unit 0032
3.12 Microsoft License First Amendment
3.13 Approve Purchase – Regular and Treated Road Salt
3.14 State Fire Marshal Fire Inspection Contracts
3.15 Approval of Independent School District No. 271 Service Agreement
3.16 Approval of Flock Group, Inc. Memorandum of Understanding
3.17 DEA Task Force Agreement Pertaining to Use of City Body-Worn Cameras by Deputized Task Force Officers
3.18 Approval of Amendments to the City of Bloomington Employment Rules
3.19 Approval of City Council Meeting Minutes
3:17:00 4.1 Public Hearing: An Ordinance Modifying the Partial Vacation of Lindau Lane
3:24:00 4.2 Public Hearing: An Ordinance to Convey by Quit Claim Deed Real Property Located in the City of Bloomington, Minnesota
3:36:20 5.1 2023 Cultural Arts Support Grants Funding Recommendations
4:28:00 5.2 30% Design of Bryant and Tretbaugh Parks; Consultant Contract for Final Design
4:53:00 5.3 City Council Policy & Issue Update


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