July 24, 2023 Bloomington City Council Meeting


July 24, 2023 Bloomington Minnesota City Council Meeting

0:00:00 Start
0:02:27 1. Approval of Agenda
0:04:20 2.1 Introduction and Swearing In of New Firefighters
0:08:45 2.2 Proclamation – National Night Out
0:11:27 2.3 Proclamation – Private Public Partnership with U.S. Army Reserve Office
0:14:10 2.4 Bloomington. Tomorrow. Together. (BTT) Strategic Plan Update
0:34:03 2.5 Office of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (OREIB) 2023 Workplan Update
1:27:20 Consent Business
1:33:00 3.1 Resolution to Accept Donations
3.2 Approval of City Council Meeting Minutes
3.3 2023-2024 Insurance Renewals
3.4 Reimbursement Resolution Declaring Intent to Reimburse Certain Expenditures from Proceeds of Bonds to be Issued by the City
3.5 Approve amendment to an On-Sale Liquor License – Nine Mile Brewing
3.6 Well 7 Design & Engineering Services – Accept Bid & Award Contract
3.7 Resolution Approving City of Bloomington and City of Edina Cooperative Agreement for the 78th Street Overlay Project
3.8 Resolution Approving City of Bloomington and Metropolitan Council Operation and Maintenance Agreement for Bus Transit Signal Priority
3.9 Order Feasibility Report for PMP Park Trail Improvement Project (City Project 2024-111)
1:28:01 3.10 US Department of Transportation Wildlife Crossings Grant – Bush Lake Turtle Barrier Fence for Prevention of Road Fatalities
3.11 Adopt Resolution Recommending Nominee for the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Board of Managers to Hennepin County
3.12 Resolution Accepting Auto Theft Grant Funds and Making Related Budget Adjustment
3.13 Approval of Resolution Accepting Grant Funds from the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board
3.14 Approve First Amendment to the Agreement with Metropolitan Council for Police Contract Over-time Services
3.15 Resolution: Amendment #5 to 2023 Full-Time Non-Union & Part-Time, Temporary, and Seasonal Compensation Plans
1:34:05 4.1 Public Hearing: Reguiding, rezoning, preliminary and final development plans for 99-unit apartment building at 1801 and 1851 American Blvd. W.
2:04:51 4.2 Resolution to Approve Ballot Language for Local Option Sales Tax Projects
2:28:22 5.1 City Council Policy & Issue Update
2:40:18 5.2 CLOSED SESSION: Resolution to Close Public Meeting to Discuss Labor Negotiations Strategy


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