JACK JOHNSTON // Local Markets


Muskogee Creek and Cherokee Territory
(Atlanta, GA)

Learn about Local Markets with Jack!
Local Markets is one of the sub topics of the Agroecology Flower Petal that focuses on Food Systems.

Jack is a former USDA employee who wanted to get a more hands on approach in agricultural production. After completing TAAP Jack began working as the farm manager for Gilliam’s community Garden in Atlanta, GA where he assisted in the opening and operating of Leafy Greens Market, a brick and mortar store selling the farm’s fresh produce as well as goods from local artisans.

He is an alumni of the Training In Applied Agroecology Program (TAAP) through the Multinational Exchange in Sustainable Agriculture Organization(MESA) @mesaprogram.
This project highlights the diverse students of TAAP and their 36 respective subtopics of the Nicté ha (Agroecology Flower/Flor de Agroecología). The main topics include: Food Sovereignty, Food Systems, Participatory Action, Land Defense, Sustainable Agroecosystems, & Agroecological Practices. The Agroecology Flower is a popular education tool developed by El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECoSur) @ecosurmx.
ECoSur is an interdisciplinary research and higher education center, focused on the development and vinculation of southern Mexico, especially in the areas of: Biodiversity conservation
Society, culture and health
Alternative production systems

TAAP was funded by the 2501 Program grant by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) @usda_ams
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