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IT Industry Jokes | English stand up comedy by Sanjay Manaktala


After working in Accenture for 10 years Sanjay Manaktala does some Jokes on working in the IT Industry.

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Sanjay Manaktala aka the IT Guy performs jokes on his beloved information technology industry, working in software, working in HR in America and India, accenture, infosys and more. the it industry rocks!


For corporate booking: standup@sanjayComedy.com

Thank you for evam Stand up Tamasha and karthik kumar and Aravind SA for letting me record here. This video is going offshore and onshore, Indian outsourcing, and corporate managers who act way too cool.

Catch Sanjay at CLC or Canvas Laugh Club or anywhere across the country at https://www.sanjayComedy.com.

For those of you are bothered by the accent, I promise it’s real. Who hurt you though bro that somebody’s accent wants you to be so vicious? Live and laugh and kiss your neighbor.

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Sanjay Manaktala is a stand-up comedian known for performing Indian stand up comedy and funny sketch videos. He started the comedy scene in Bangalore in 2010 and greater India at venues like Canvas Laugh Club and comedy store in Mumbai. His work includes the viral IT Guy series, Anu Aunty the engineering anthem, the viral Maid Series with Sumukhi Suresh and much more. He mainly performs stand up comedy in English and is from Los Angeles.


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