‘It has never been more important for us to define who we are and what we stand for’


The Vertical Farming World Congress in Brussels earlier this month saw industry leaders come together in a show of unity behind what they described as ‘clear and bold industry standards’.

The first ever Vertical Farming Manifesto and Identity Statement were launched at the event. These are important documents for the burgeoning sector, highlighting the impact and contribution the industry intends to make to transform current food systems and help to solve one of humanity’s ‘toughest challenges’ — providing food for a growing population in a sustainable, circular way.

“For the continued existence of humanity and protection of the earth, the expansion, development and collaboration of the vertical farming industry is critical. We are proud and excited to be working together with our industry peers on the VF Identity Statement and Industry Manifesto,”​ explained signatory Crop One’s CEO Craig Ratajczyk.

“We are running out of the resources to produce the food we need responsibly, sustainably, and affordably,” a​greed CubicFarms CEO Dave Dinesen. “We believe to protect our resources and ourselves, food and feed must be localized and grown indoors by farmers. We are proud to join and work with our industry peers to highlight the need to democratize farming and to create local independent food ecosystems now and for future generations.”

A shared ambition for local, healthy and sustainable food 

Suffice to say, the vertical farm companies signing up to the industry standards are aligned behind a vision for vertical farming that contributes to a sustainable, safe and resilient food system.

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