Weather events were becoming increasingly extreme and frequent. Big cyclones used to occur once every decade or two, but in recent years multiple cyclones had been happening annually. Ambient temperatures were rising all around the world, with summer temperatures even exceeding 50 degrees Celsius in many countries. Heavy rains, floods and forest fires were also becoming more frequent in many geographies.

The electric grid operated in the 20th century had equipment and systems designed for the weather conditions of that era. New transmission and distribution grids were bought and built with the same specifications, which could no longer withstand the increasingly extreme weather conditions.

There was an urgent need to revisit the design and specifications as well as maintenance practices of the equipment in order to climate proof the electric grid.

Discussion Points
(1). Guidelines/Standards for Power Equipment (G, T & D) De-rating Owing to Higher Ambient Temperature.
(2). Flood and Hurricane Planning/Designs, Operational Limits and Public Safety.
(3). High Cost of Urban U/G Cable Replacement and Utility Practices in Cable Asset Utilization for Load Growth and EV Charging.
(4). Fire Safety Policies for MW- scale Batteries in High Ambient Temperatures.
(5). New Technologies for Managing Real-time Temperature in NMS/ADMS/Digital Twin.
(6). Management of Earthquakes and Tsunamis.
(7). Management of Cyber Attacks and Resiliency.

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