Is Organic Chicken Farming Profitable In Zimbabwe?


After many years in the diaspora and starting to think of retirement back home ,we ,(my wife and I) started to brainstorm different ideas.

We settled on free range organic chicken farming! πŸ₯šπŸ£πŸ“πŸ˜. We will also grow organic vegetables.

We have lived in the United Kingdom for just over 20 years with our five children who were all home educated.

While living in the U.K we became very aware of food standards because food was not the same as what we had left behind.

Very early on we started buying organic food and wild fish. We would like to continue on this path of healthy eating and growing our own food.

The chickens will be pasture raised. We are implementing a permaculture farming method.

We will also be using the regenerative agriculture approach to help the soils get all the necessary nutrients.

We bought the land which had lots of gum trees which took a lot of nutrients out of the soil. We need to add these back using the regenerative agriculture approach.

We will use this platform to share information we learn along the way.

There was a pond on the farm which has dried out but we need to revive it as part of permaculture farming.

What is permaculture?

It involves taking care of the earth and working with it. We will be using systems like rain capture and solar systems. Trying to be off grid as much as possible.

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