IRAN – TEHRAN – Walking tour on Niavaran 2023 – IRAN [4K]


IRAN – TEHRAN – Walking tour on Niavaran 2023 – IRAN :
Niavaran , which is located in the northeastern part of Tehran, is considered the most prosperous and perhaps the most expensive area in Iran. This area, which is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, is considered one of the few areas of Tehran that has a very good climate and experiences snowfall in winter. Over the past few years, Niavaran has been known as a host of famous brands and has unique business and office centers. Niavaran urban development is almost unique and is divided into two parts, traditional and modern. In the traditional part, most of the houses remain from the time before the revolution and are mostly seen in the streets. In the modern part, which was created in line with the construction revolution in Iran, we see villas and high-rise houses that are built with very beautiful designs.
One of the reasons why Niavaran area is popular is its beautiful villas, but in some parts of this neighborhood we also see tall towers with very beautiful penthouses on the highest floor. These penthouses are much higher in price than normal houses and their structure is very different in terms of size and design. According to many residents of this neighborhood, the Chenaran Park building is the best penthouse in this area.
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