IPCC Report Release: Climate + Justice + Cities Speaker Series


Organized in partnership with The Global Urban Network, this discussion featured Prof. Winston Chow (Singapore Management University) and Prof. Vanesa Castan Broto (Sheffield University), along with Moderator Prof. Nidhi Subramanyam (University of Toronto), as they discussed the findings of the latest IPCC Report AR6 Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability and their contributions to Chapter 6: Cities, settlements and key infrastructure.

About the Speakers:

Winston Chow is Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society and Basket Coordinator for Technology & Society at Singapore Management University. Professor Chow conducts research on urban vulnerability to climate change and sustainability in urban climatology. He is a lead principal investigator in the Cooling Singapore initiative since 2017, which attempts to reduce urban heat and thermal discomfort risks for the city-state of Singapore.

Vanesa Castan Broto is Professor of Climate Urbanism at the Urban Institute, University of Sheffield, where she directs the projects Low Carbon Action in Ordinary Cities (funded by the European Research Council) and Community Energy and Sustainability Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund). She has published widely. In 2016 she received the Philip Leverhulme Prize for contributions to Geography and in 2021 she received the AXA Award for Climate Science.

About the Moderator:

Nidhi Subramanyam is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto, and a faculty affiliate at the School of Cities.
Subramanyam’s ongoing research investigates just approaches to plan and govern water and wastewater infrastructures in the face of rapid urbanization and the growing impacts of climate change. Her most recent projects have focused on planning, governance, and water-sanitation infrastructures in small cities and geographies undergoing rural-urban transitions in India. She is also involved in collaborative research projects on secondary city governance in South Africa and the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on socially marginalized migrant workers in India. Subramanyam’s work on urban water governance, climate change adaptation, land dispossession, and rural-urban transitions has appeared in the journals Environment and Planning C: Politics & Space, Water International, and Water Policy. At the University of Toronto, Subramanyam is excited to work with students and colleagues on projects that critically examine the planning of climate-resilient infrastructures and the use of sustainability indicators in urban planning to advance ideas and practices that produce just and equitable cities.


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