Introducing the Circular Together incubator startup: Urban Heat Studio


Climate resilience and sustainability officers in cities and organisations must involve diverse stakeholders, gaining insights into current and future challenges over the next 30 years, while effectively communicating complex impacts to citizens and urban managers, working towards a shared vision.

Urban Heat Studio is a Collective for transformative climate resilience and imagination, gathering people together to break down the time barriers between climate impacts tomorrow and the structures and injustices today that make us brittle in the face of planetary-wide change.

Urban Heat Studio creates playful, immersive, collective experiences for people to bridge today and tomorrow, work through uncomfortable emotions, change perspectives about barriers and opportunities, and build new stories together that spark radical action.


Connect with the team:

About Impact Hub Berlin:

Impact Hub Berlin helps entrepreneurs and their partners to create products and services that make the world a better place. With a focus on strategic partnerships, community building and networking, Impact Hub Berlin connects the impact scene and provides tailored support so impact ventures succeed in building socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable businesses. In its incubator programmes, innovation ecosystems, community events, matchmaking formats and within its circular coworking space, Impact Hub Berlin fosters innovation through radical collaboration between startups, corporates, and public organisations to build an impact economy in service of people and the planet.

About Circular Together:

Circular Together is Impact Hub Berlin’s circular economy-focused 6-month incubator for impact-driven entrepreneurs that puts partnerships at the core of its programme.

Purpose-driven founders need meaningful, long-term partnerships to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Impact Hub Berlin designed Circular Together to boost early-stage entrepreneurs and their startups to unlock their full potential with stipends and tailored business coaching, giving them the space, tools, and the network needed to secure strong partnerships and grow their impact. The focus lies on solutions that have the potential to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Circular Together is supported and funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Senate of Berlin.


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