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Integrated Aquaponics System | The Art & Science of Growing More Healthy Food


IAS light farming = Integrated Aquaponics System
= RAS Aquaculture + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture
= Next Global Agricultural Revolution

The whole is greater than sum of its parts. You can grow fish, vegetables, fruits, poultry and/or small livestock using IAS methods.

NARDC services:
1. Train. Do it yourself. Get educated at the one-week online short course.
2. Consult. Commercial Consulting for six months or more.
3. Franchise. Become a Certified Sustainable Aquaponics Franchise (CSAF) for a term of five years or more.

For quick assistance,
Whatsapp / call: +91 81292 19282
Email: info.vkn@nardc.in


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