Inside a Greenhouse on Rooftop of Whole Foods in Brooklyn


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“Our latest greenhouses are advanced, data-driven, climate-controlled facilities — the most efficient production systems available today,” Puri said.

inside Gotham Greens greenhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Gotham Greens greenhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Britney Nguyen/Insider

Gotham Greens uses direct sunlight and renewable electricity to power its greenhouses, while vertical farms can use up to three times more electricity and cost up to 16 times more to build, Puri said. Working indoors means Gotham Greens can grow more produce than conventional farms.

Using machine learning and data analysis, the team can monitor crop health and progress, so produce is at its freshest when it’s delivered.

Puri said the greenhouse’s irrigation techniques use less than one gallon of water to grow a head of lettuce, where a conventional open-field farm can use up to 10 gallons.

“With our current footprint, Gotham Greens will save 583 million gallons of water annually compared to a conventional farm,” Puri said. 

Puri said Gotham Greens produces 26 times more lettuce per acre of land than a conventional farm, an equivalent of 716-acres of soil.

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